Indie Craft Parade Greenville! Yeah That Greenville!

My husband, dog and I moved to Greenville, SC about 3 months ago from Southern California, hence the new catch phrase of the blog "California girl living in a South Carolina world." Moving was much more difficult this time, I thought moving around for 4 years with my husband through his 9 year Marine Corp career would have better prepared me for this move, but not I'm getting used to calling Greenville home! I have met so many wonderful people in Greenville and one of those many people my friend Amber has helped me with creating new logos for the blog and went with me to my first Indie Craft Parade at The Salvation Army Kroc Center in downtown Greenville.

The Indie Craft Parade is a festival put on my The Makers Collective a local group that empowers artisans, entrepreneurs and makers through support of the local community and in return they inspire the local community to create, imagine and at this event shop, which I did!
Among my finds was a present for my husband, some prints and beautiful pieces that pay tribute to my new home Greenville like this coffee mug by Color Columbia . The coffee mug shares images of Greenville's most popular spots including my favorite Falls Park on the Reedy where you can see the stunning Liberty Bridge.

I found some amazing prints for our apartment by artist Jenny High Smith. These prints really spoke to me the "don't be afraid to fail be afraid not to try" print the most because this is actually my first blog post that's not sharing just inspirations of mine, but rather this new chapter of my actual life in a new environment.

So this post and image may give away one of the Christmas gifts that I got for someone, but Go Forth Goods is too cool not to share, Sam and Nathan the founders were great to chat with! They sell hand crafted leather goods made here in the U.S. Every quarter Go Forth Goods gives 10% of their quarterly profits to Sixty Feet, a nonprofit organization that helps care for an uplift children in Uganda.
On the way out of Indie Craft Parade my new best friends Amber and I checked out The Wunder Bus the South's first traveling photobooth in a super cool restored VW Bus that you can book for events which is way better then just a regular photobooth because the beautiful Wunder Bus itself is an amazing prop for any photo.

(Image from @Wunderbus)

Until the next Indie Craft Parade, for more information click here. Talk soon dudes & dolls!


New Look

Dirt & Lace got a new look today thanks to the amazing Suzana from This Girl Design. Thank you so much, the blog looks amazing. Stay tuned everyone for new blog posts.


Joining Bloglovin

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Boho Chic, Vintage Fun, Light & Fun!

Hello dolls, my fellow readers! As I start to get my home to looks somewhat the way I've intended,

I'm still missing some design elements. Since I can't put my OPI maroon nail polished finger on it, I

will continue to find some inspirations. Enjoy and follow me on Pinterest "Victoria Jacobson" for

more inspiration. 


In recent years Cotton “fabric of our lives” campaigns have been recruiting some pretty stylish celebs and my personal fav is their most recent choice for Cotton the lovely Hayden Panettiere.
I’m watching Hayden’s new role on the hit show Nashville on ABC, every night religiously, Haydens also sings on the show, her song on the show “Telescope,” has even been on country radio stations, I love country music so of course I’ve downloaded the song, it’s very girl power oriented the full commercial, interview and behind the scenes with Hayden. I provided some pictures and the commercial below, check out the cotton “fabric of our lives site” and see where
Hayden got the exact clothes of hers she’s wearing in the commercial.Also check out Hayden in the May issue of Glamour.



New Fashion/Lifestyle Girl Crush!

I discovered this inspirational woman Tiffany Pratt
she's a stylist/designer/artist and a bright red head of inspiration. Check out the article on her in the newest issue of RUE MAG (online magazine). Once you read the article and see into her simple yet colorful home, the next step is visit her Pinterest page click here.


Top Row: All Furbish Yellow Spotted Silk Pillow $45//Paris Pillow $125
Fuchsia Ikat Silk Pillow $45// Bottom Row: All Caroline Kollektart Photography Etsy Shop 

As my previous post shared, I'm currently decorating my new place and when I say decorating, I really mean filling because I'm starting with a blank empty canvas, so to speak. I currently have 2 blue chevron print pillows on my sofa and they need some company, so I'm searching the web and these are some great finds I've come across.